The United States mission by unlicensed lawyer real-name reportingreal-name whistleblowing or face a

‘s lawyer real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing beauty group "unlicensed" or face administrative punishment

source: rule weekend

launched beauty group payment functions, CEO Wang cut into the mobile payment market ambitions but completely unmasked, this road is not smooth.

the afternoon of February 29th, micro-blog certified user lawyer Xiong Wanli micro Bo said, the U.S. mission network in the absence of the third party payment license under the circumstances, is engaged in the third party payment and settlement business, in violation of the "non financial institution payment service management approach", or even suspected to constitute the crime of illegal business. He has been to the central bank and the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade Haidian public report submitted.

rule Weekend reporter interviewed a number of people said that the United States Mission alleged violations, if the regulatory authorities identified, or will face administrative penalties.

U.S. mission Trap no license storm

rule Weekend reporter linked to Xiong Wanli lawyer, confirmed that the other side of the Shanghai SIASUN law firm lawyers.

Xiong Wanli said that the US network group purchase, purchase, pay three preferential recharge service, require users to recharge the money to the U.S. mission network account, then the U.S. group net account payment to the merchant account, this is in fact the transactions between the two sides of the transfer of funds; and in the central Bank announced the 269 the third party payment company license list, and there is no beauty group and its affiliated Beijing three fast Technology Co. company name, therefore, is actually the beauty group to carry out illegal fund payment and settlement business.

this beauty group responded that the company has been committed to providing businesses and consumers to provide preferential pay, delivery, group purchase business, payment is an important part of the completion of the O2O service, the U.S. group net does not provide individual payment and settlement services to any third party other than the United States Mission platform.

in addition, the U.S. mission network also said that the electricity supplier to complete the transaction through the payment link partner payment channel is the usual practice of electronic business platform, like this way and many electricity providers, online travel and travel, taxi and other Internet Co, is in service to consumers and businesses.


response, the U.S. group net in March 1st, again in the Wanli bear micro-blog to respond, says the United States has acknowledged the fact without a license to engage in illegal payment and settlement business in the statement, and illegal facts for a long time; moreover, the United States mission statement also stole third party payment in the "third party" concept.

Xiong Wanli explained that the law of the third party payer, refers to outside of the third party, and the platform and never mind. "In the United States on the platform, the real sellers and invoices are businesses, so businesses should be the collection, so the payee are merchants and users." Xiong Wanli said.

reporter to experience the payment link mission after the discovery, there are bank card payment (i.e., payment, payment of WeChat Beauty Group), Alipay paid in three ways, the bank card payment is placed in the top position.