13 China stirred the founder population Su Hua said – never give any user label

Abstract: "when presented content, is equally deft. Whether you are north of Guangzhou city or country, what it is like. If the three or four line of the city in the reality of the majority of the population that is also the case in hand. I will not pretend to be the world’s first tier cities life." Su Hua said.

quick fire, like a high ran out in the crowd, the fire was too sudden.

logic thinking in the new year’s founder Luo Zhenyu said in a speech: "when we talked about BAT, suddenly there is a software fire, we suddenly discovered that the original application of China fourth flow is fast. When we are reading sensible, zhirenlunshi, we do not know there is a platform already so big."

is more important, the company has long been sought after by the capital market. Including Sequoia Capital China fund, including capital have entered, Baidu, Chinese culture followed. According to the new financial record, quick valuation has reached $2 billion, is like an invisible unicorn.

now, Su Hua may face more problems need to be solved: after the three or four line of the city gathered a large user, then how to better achieve realization of



Company name:

field: Technology / media

– (Gif -) is a short video applications. Users can use it to create and share short videos. You can also browse, praise the work of others in the hand above, interaction with other short video. Then with 400 million users, has become the largest China short video community, more and more people regard it as WeChat, QQ, micro-blog fourth social platforms.

quickly as investors, Sequoia Capital Fund has always been Chinese attention in the field of Technology / media investment. Since the establishment of today’s headlines have been invested, drops travel, Jingdong, public comment, the U.S. group, vip.com, palm interested in science and technology, said the beautiful, Sina, Xinjiang innovation and other well-known enterprises in the field.

in addition to technology / media, Sequoia Capital China fund is also concerned about health care, consumer goods / services, new energy / clean technology / advanced manufacturing and other areas of investment.

in China, if you allow an Internet product to grow freely,

is likely to end up like this is quickly.

opened quickly, though the content in the Tencent, Youku and other rare sites. Less than 1 minutes of video is all concentrated red river town countryside style, singing girl, big mouth chewing ice pepper village aunt meng…… If the video is pushed on the popular, take hundreds of thousands of hits easily.

"Ma" event fermentation, many users quickly went to the field shooting platform. Platform found inappropriate, soon banned related content. But there are still a lot to rub the hot spot or short video platform, "small"