VeryCD change no longer support eD2K and Kad search

June 18th morning news, open source P2P resource download software VeryCD is quietly changing. The new version of VeryCD is no longer supported by eD2K and Kad Internet search, which sparked hot friends, and there are comments that VeryCD engage in content monopoly. VeryCD calls this change what it takes to survive.

VeryCD Lee quietly turned

on the domestic Internet users, VeryCD development of donkey (that is, easyMule) is not strange. VeryCD eMule eMule (eMule) as the most famous modified version (Mod) of 2007 has launched more than 40 upgrade.

and at least in the most recent period, there is no version of VeryCD, such as the April 9th release of the 1.1.13 stable version of this iconic. Because from the beginning of this version, VeryCD completely canceled the eD2k server and Kad network resource search function; the old version is also subject to restrictions.

Since then, the use of VeryCD

users, will only be able to search the contents of the VeryCD site, or the so-called VeryCD private search network content.

limits the user to search and download the contents of the network in a larger context, VeryCD how much of the behavior of the behavior of its open source. Some radical users in the expression of dissatisfaction, but also speculated that VeryCD is taking this to continue to promote the content of monopoly, accelerate the pace of commercialization from the open source closed.

Internet market competition, this change is not uncommon. At the same time, otherwise unconfirmed News revealed that VeryCD has recently been low-key access to an investment.

Huang Yimeng: to secure


VeryCD founder Huang Yimeng easyMule to declare in no uncertain terms, and he also told Sina Technology was able to do that is to ensure the safety of the search results.

is the official statement from the discussion of the software, here the moderator questions: "to tell the user to comply with national audio-visual program management related laws and regulations, we have to adjust the search function, software development, and the impact on the group so they express our sincere apology tour pal".

BTChina closed last December, the fate of VeryCD has been the concern of all parties. Since then, VeryCD began to try to apply for audio-visual license, and in December 9th of the same year in Shanghai by the radio and television film and television authority to accept, but so far, there is no news to prove that the license application for approval.

for questioning and accusations from the outside world, Huang Yimeng denied that VeryCD content monopoly. "The choice is in the hands of the user."