Source code hosting site GitHub for the first time foreign financing up to $100 million

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on July 10th news, according to foreign technology blog gigaom reported Monday U.S. time, open source code hosting site GitHub announced from the venture capital group Andriessen Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz) received a $100 million investment. This is the GitHub company since 2008 successfully run, for the first time to accept external capital investment support.

It is reported that

GitHub, the program will receive funds to improve and expand has become the industry standard code management and search platform, and Andriessen Horowitz Peter Levin (Peter Levine) will join the GitHub board of directors.

Tom CEO • • • • • (Tom Preston Werner), said the new injection of funds will be used to hire new employees, and to expand the mobile platform for the GitHub. The company will develop new features for Git, but will continue to focus on improving existing features, such as providing Web applications to different operating systems. The company’s goal is to make GitHub’s broader customer base – from individual hackers to large companies, from software developers to designers or writers.

Peter had previously explained the investment in by Andriessen –

, which he said was one of the company ‘s most important investments in the history of the world since the start of the year, and that the company has been investing in GitHub, which is one of the most important investments in the company. GitHub brings a new way of software development for users, only a small number of sales and marketing staff, more than 100 employees, but the annual total revenue growth of up to 300%."

currently has more than 30 million GitHub software library, with more than 17 million developers. Average daily, there are more than 80000 versions of the library update, 7000 users to build the first GitHub software library. The company’s open source platform allows users to work together to develop projects, and will not lose the overlap part of the work, in addition to the user can also read other people’s code. The company co-founder and former CEO Chris • • • (Chris Wanstrath) is described as the company’s programmers Wikipedia".

investment marks an important change in GitHub. Previously, GitHub has been proud of the company’s operation is entirely dependent on user funds. In March this year, the company’s former CEO said in an interview, we have never used foreign funds, so everything is our own. GitHub 3 months after the release of the test version began charging for some services, so since the birth of GitHub, has been the user funds to support the company’s operation. We believe that the most important thing is to let GitHub have better quality, so that users are happy to pay, because if they continue to pay, will get a better product."