Web collection button QQ bookmark use the most happy net row fifth

now in many web pages are added to the socialization of the button, such as "share" happy net "to Baidu" and so on… These buttons let users found a valuable article, you can quickly share to online friends, or in your own social network, it also brings the potential social hot spot traffic to a site.

social sharing behavior, but also a lot of hot spots (such as the Obama girls, Xidan girls etc.) can on the Internet in a very short period of time the rapid spread of a major driving force. Many sites are also found to increase the key to a lot of social traffic. With the advent of the 2010, the rise of a large number of SNS, micro-blog, community and other sites, social sharing will usher in a peak. So in the end what social collection / sharing service is the most used Internet service? Hot socialization is also spread by what way? The start of 2010, the largest share of & China collection "aggregation service provider Jiathis.com, provides a set of data shows some problems.

one, through the QQ bookmark / space to collect and share the behavior, is still the dominant position, the utilization rate of 17%.

two, through the happy net Renren network to share social behavior, there is a steady upward trend every month. Happy net usage is slightly ahead.

three, although most users still used "Sina collection" function of the content, but "Sina micro-blog" this pattern in recent months has developed very rapidly.

four, other services accounted for about 14% of the overall market share is relatively dispersed.

compared to similar foreign survey data, such as the Sharethis company in 2009 December release of "How people are sharing", ranking first and two or three service, respectively Email, Facebook, Twitter, the three together accounted for almost 80% of the total share of more than.

In contrast,

China social sharing market is still in a highly dispersed state, not a particularly strong service provider that social sharing service, or directly said social networking (SNS), in fact, there is a large market space for development.

attached: Jiathis.com data collection methods:

Jiathis is a collection of & share "button" of polymerization provider, & more than 20 thousand websites; Share button service, this button on the integration of polymerization such as: QQ, happy net, renren.com… And other more than and 50 social "collection & share" button. Jiathis through 3 months, nearly about 8000000 users to share the use of a variety of buttons, a comprehensive analysis of statistics, >