New type of network marketing. The 220 thousand members scattered hidden activities

after the first round of the September 15th sale today (September 22nd) morning, the Lianyungang police have uncovered a new large foreign network marketing case, the case involving 23 countries, involving up to 500 million yuan, more than 220 thousand people trapped.

this case, the origin of a MLM common lecture". Last September, a public told the Lianyungang Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment police, he heard Wang et al lectures in the cafe, let the audience investment "U currency", because of doubt, to consult the police. This attracted the attention of the police, and then identified Wang and other investment in the form of a network of Thailand excellent interest group virtual currency, the development of offline marketing. Wang said, U is a kind of currency in barter platform directly shopping "virtual currency, and interest group behind the so-called world headquarters in Thailand, in China and Thailand, Malaysia, new business cooperation is numerous, so the investment appreciation significantly. In fact, the best interest group is a foreign pyramid scheme. In the case of the organizers, the Lianyungang Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment three brigade captain Zhang said, the organization in the online publicity investment currency U can obtain 30%-40% profits, investors only need to pay $500-5 million registered members, dues into U coins, according to join order level relations. People registered members have high rebate, a decoy membership layer development off the assembly line. In order to prevent capital chain rupture, the organization also set high fees to cash, to dispel some of the idea of leaving members.


bank clerk Lee from the old classmates from the "investment U currency appreciation", due to the organization’s Web site good packing, as well as Thailand retired generals, senior government endorsement, plus an old classmate Lee advised as if it were raining flowers, finally convinced the same thing 20 friends pull people into the water, each paid 3500 yuan to 70 thousand yuan membership fee".

the case involving 23 members of the 220 thousand countries, China’s members of the province reached 31 in the province of 36 thousand." Zhang said the captain, the long chain organization, close contact line, must be more at the same time, Lianyungang police sent 11 zhuabu, 11 more teams to freeze. In January 14th 14, were shot in the police involved assistance at the same time, arrested Yan a super 12 MLM organization level, including 2 suspects in Malaysia nationality, freezing group within 1 hours to freeze more than and 40 bank accounts, the net success.

in the case of the victims are university teachers, civil servants, financial workers and other groups, why so deceptive? Police, is a former MLM is face to face, aggregation type, the case through the network, the membership is dispersed, hidden activities; two is very much involved in MLM, learn how to engage in the development of offline promotion; three is the use of people do not understand and want to finance financial profit mentality, making investment U currency and invest in stocks, gold futures, almost. In addition, the high expectations of the deceived and the lack of rational judgment is subjective reasons. The police suggested that we must keep in mind the sky will not fall, especially pure through the development of offline staff can get high rebates, it can be judged.