How to improve the idea of using QQ group to improve email marketing efficiency

I wrote an article in October 18th "detailed examples of email marketing need to pay attention to the details", received a lot of feedback from users, we are more concerned about email marketing. Here I will further explain the application of e-mail marketing examples for you to share and exchange.

The method of

QQ group marketing innumerable, presumably you are described as QQ group marketing method for having heard it many times, talked about the flood. But the key problem is that we have not put him into full play, many novice often see a marketing approach quickly to try, but the results are not ideal, like the QQ group marketing method, method of operation is very simple, just registered some of the QQ number, then each QQ join QQ group, a group of can send ads, or a group of mail. This marketing method is generally only two results, one is T out, one is despised. Finally made a disaster and can not get a good marketing effect, so the lack of confidence friends began to lose heart and began to give up.

the following I also take QQ group marketing program to analyze the case to illustrate. First of all we have to do the analysis of conventional ideas of QQ marketing practices, in fact, to regular do QQ group marketing, its essence lies in the cultivation of feelings, popular called mix a familiar face, and with the group, the group members with the administrator. Of course, this requires a certain amount of time to accumulate and pay. After all, with hundreds of QQ group chat and mixed up is not an easy thing, first of all to pay a lot of time, as to how to effectively maintain a harmonious relationship with the group members, it depends on the ability of individuals. After mixing, directly with the administrator to a group announcement is not impossible.

note that the following is the focus of this article. The following the author will talk about how to improve the idea of improving the QQ group marketing. Statement, there is no patience webmaster do not try this program, and this method is very expensive, but it is really a pair of precision marketing. What’s more, it can repeat many effective marketing. At the same time, it greatly reduces the probability of being included in the spam. Here we will step by step to explain how to combine QQ group mailing list for QQ mail mass marketing.

1, first of all, good copy is the premise of e-mail marketing. The creation of the copy quality determines the conversion rate, and so on in the headline is must be under the relentless effort, good advertising is very easy to be accepted, and bad copy for easy to be thrown into the spam list and lose the function of marketing.

2, ready to ad copy, began to find and add the QQ group, here to remind, try to find related products and marketing website user groups with high degree of QQ group, such as diet websites for weight class QQ group, which will greatly improve the QQ accuracy of user groups, to achieve precision marketing. Of course, there are many ways to find QQ group, such as the official QQ group online search and add, or specifically to provide QQ group search software.

3, join QQ group after the first don’t rush hair AD, enter >