Brand marketing the intimate to love is an art of network marketing (on)

network marketing for the value of a business, like a fresh blood, like a handsome face. For the current market potential China, Internet marketer bride think the vast majority of SMEs do not know how to use the Internet to do marketing, many enterprises also have old ideas that the site will develop e-commerce. After all they do not understand what is called network marketing, network marketing can give what they do bring benefits, and problems faced by small and medium enterprises are unable to recognize their own competitive advantages, and just blindly follow suit dongshixiaopin, resulting in unnecessary waste of the cost of marketing.

network push the bride of Tokyo today, the current positioning of SMEs in the network marketing, do a potential analysis. To help SMEs to quickly discover and establish the hematopoietic cells for him for his face where cosmetics


website as a corporate Internet face project, first to express the essence of accurate value of cultural products of the enterprise, then is the effective services to provide customers as well as his heritage of the brand value or the concept of public welfare. So how to confirm the execution of a website, and can effectively help enterprises form a word of mouth from the network and achieve the purpose of the camp and the network, the network push the bride to develop a 3 word site test rules:

seconds site impression: a website can be in the tens of millions of websites is the website for talent shows itself, the first eye impact and good impression, when dating, we three seconds to feel you in front of the people can not be with you for a lifetime, two people is not consistent temper is the truth. Most of the time the first impression of a brand will have a huge impact on the site, such as the search engine is simple, the amount of information portal, flash site visual impact. So the enterprise website must be exquisite luxury rather than flashy without substance, and can meet the search engines crawl habit.

thirty seconds to understand the product: a person is willing to know your product, to prove the impression of your site can be. A blind date this time, to prove that two people can sit down and talk, but the two people can come together to see the exchange. This exchange process, 30 seconds is for a person’s speech test. Therefore, it is necessary to use the most concise and useful to the potential customers of the text to express a product description. Because your client is looking for a what is good for him, instead of watching TV bindings.

three minutes product value: potential customers know the time of a product to stay for more than 3 minutes, has proved to have a certain interest in this product. This is like a blind date in the process, you and the opposite side of the beautiful woman to chat, she would like to exchange phone numbers with you. The value of this product is how to establish your potential customers to stay longer, clear pictures and simple text, to give customers a pleasant user experience.

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