How to do a good job Baidu Post Bar promotion let Baidu spider fall in love with you


is one of Baidu products Post Bar maximum flow under the flag of several Baidu is few do very successful projects, hot network events Baidu Post Bar always appeared a lot, such as "Jia Junpeng incident" at the time that many webmaster keen import was not less traffic, actually not difficult to promote Baidu Post Bar that is to form a system, also need some luck on the market and keen sense of smell, today Xiaobian Hua Hui forum for everyone to talk about how to do the promotion of Baidu Post Bar.

must first be ready to work, one can change the IP computer, several different IP registered trumpet (has passed the test phase) modaobuwukanchaigong, if tools are not ready, certainly is unable to achieve good results.

post in Baidu Post Bar also has the skill, not a lot of hair even if done, since we are Baidu Post Bar, is in order to retain, if not to stay then send more is of no use, what skills and listen to me:

a, hair in which

is the key in which this problem, no matter what you send, if you send the wrong place, will soon be deleted, so the best way is to choose the corresponding Post Bar, it is recommended that you do not chase high Post Bar, some people may think I can go to World of Warcraft what these popular place to send a anyway, rub in a pile of Posts between people can’t see, but you forgot the netizens eyes, there is nothing to complain of boring you, you only need to succeed once a letter No. the previous contents are invalid, so the best way is to send relevant and popular Post Bar, upset the Post Bar mainly refers to the kind of do not have administrator Post Bar, correlation needless to say, the focus of attention Post Bar upset about, is the main theme for the program, I take is popular only Reply, the popular topic, this will reduce the chance of being deleted.

two, how to send

is not just posted me a content even if done, there are a lot of mystery which, after the end point is to change the theme, IP with his vest dingyiding, this advantage is easy to be Baidu grabbed, according to my own observation that did not respond to the theme in the post, be included in Baidu post a period of time is very easy to be cleared, and the recovery was much better, so the subject must destroy zero reply, in the popular and related Post Bar, carefully write an informative text, and then use a number vest to seize the sofa outside the chain, the right to take all kinds of trumpet up top. This work may seem superfluous, in fact of great value, the most important advantage is that Baidu Post Bar naturally into effect is very good, there are a lot of people are willing to point a point to go see your site.

three, grasping details

some webmaster can find a phenomenon, no matter how well written your post, no matter how you organize your content effectively, but the result is as long as the chain disappeared, Baidu is a close internal link >