C2cc how to do industry blog

  blog is no longer a new thing, the popularity of fast, called storm. Domestic blog users in four years has soared to about 16000000, the size of the BSP, to reach more than and 500, but also more and more perfect function. With the continuous development of the blog, but also the birth of a corporate blog, as well as the industry blog variants". And from the blog promotion and promotion, the industry blog earlier work pressure is relatively large. What kind of blog system to attract new users? What kind of blog function to stick to the old user? If you can solve these two problems to be solved, I believe that the industry blog will certainly find their own mode of operation. In the c2cc industry, for example, how to do personal blog industry, and how to do a good job?

What kind of

What blogs attract eyeball? Blog function is now more and more diverse, mainly as follows:

1. Circle (team, group) function, that is, you can have a common interest in the polymerization together, together to exchange life.

2. Link (bookmarks, included), can be equivalent to the site of Bo Bo, can form a fixed circle.

3. Music (pictures, visual)