Darling excellent product manager, not too busy to smile

when I approached the peak station, ready to travel back to his business with the interview, he and the group of product engineers are communicating with customers from the collection of the latest demand. The plane sounded, he smiled and motioned me to wait. But when he picked up the phone, his cell phone rang. Ready to leave, I took a glance at his computer, open the outlook desktop, there are dozens of untreated mail. It was 11:45 in the morning.

best combination – program ape and product Wang

"products and services require a lot of technical background, we hope that the product manager is very senior, has been the front-end, back-end development of technical research and development personnel to come. A good product is best to hand in hand with a technical ability, experienced, so that we will be more assured. Ma Huateng


back in college, or even entering the workplace, there is an illusion, think of the product manager is relatively low threshold, as long as good at communication, to grasp customer needs, understand project management can do the product manager, product manager subconscious also put into the "technology cattle" in the crowd, even on technology Xiaobian I was utterly ignorant of a feel for when the product manager. But in fact, in many industries, there is no technical strength experienced very hard to be a good product manager, at least, in this special.

had an interview with him the day before he was on business again. The interview process has been interrupted for many times, and each time he said with a smile, "I’m sorry, wait a minute," after the end of the phone quickly, and clear thinking to continue the topic has just been interrupted.

before 2009, Lai Feng is a special senior research manager, after 2010, he turned into a product manager with strong background of industry and technology. In 16 years, he was responsible for the substation monitoring products feature the development and management work, the product manager is now served as monitoring communications, auxiliary system and rail transportation products, and has won numerous awards, such as "software innovation", "science and Technology Progress Award" etc..

talked about the special rail transportation products, can’t help his mouth slightly up, his proud smile, this is his most recent accomplishment "children", which is also used as the best combination of a special senior R & D personnel and product manager. Since he became manager of the 6 years of special products, the products from scratch, from there to the excellent, along the way, he has maintained a good learning attitude.

Han Han at the launch of the film "" never ever meet again said, "I think that in this world, not what no reason turned out, if not a lot of accumulation, not a lot of thought, is not done"

is facing a new industry, we only have a low mentality to learn. Then we often go to the spot to rail traffic investigation, tracking process, their work is very cold, the night following work >