3.15 how to do promotion activities

network marketing model complex, how to effectively use the need to fully grasp the opportunity, the holiday promotions planning is certainly an indispensable part of the 3.15 consumer rights day is approaching, the rapid rise of users and media attention of all walks of life, take different strategies in holiday promotions, how to use the holiday promotions well worth seriously, a good holiday promotional activities can not only improve product sales in a short period of time, and laid a strong foundation for the enterprise to create brand benefit. However, the festival promotion competition ability is also very large, how to become the talent shows itself, stand head and shoulders above others need to think about, marketing the most talked about topic. I recently through observation and practice to talk about personal views, I hope to be able to get the praise of the predecessors and advice.

1, ahead of rally, expand the influence of

want to be in 3.15 during the holiday promotions to get good benefits, and even get everyone’s reputation, the premise must be prepared to do a good job, need a long process in plan, and ready to do emergency plan, prepare for the good things that happen. Secondly, to enhance the influence, to get more people’s attention, and even get media attention, must be done ahead of rally, with diversified marketing mode, and using the appropriate platform, appropriate marketing products, promotion of holiday promotions. Of course, this is not enough to attract, as holiday promotions, must also have a good theme, and highlights, can fully attract the target audience, so as to achieve the aim, enough effort, reduce the cost of manpower and material resources.

2, the theme of innovation, to attract the audience

3.15 holiday promotions during the complex, want to stand out in the industry competition, improve product sales, must have a good theme. What is a good theme? I think we must grasp the theme of innovation, subversion of traditional thinking, to attract the audience. Not only that, but also need to consider the theme of how to integrate the product, how to fully demonstrate the good corporate image, which is also the subject of planning process must be considered in the problem. Holiday promotion as an important method of enterprise marketing, in the 3.15 period how to let it go? Want to succeed, we must rely on the theme of the activities of the grasp and extension, we can see how important the theme activities.

3, attractive prizes to meet the desire

3.15 during the Festival promotional activities must also set prizes, the majority of people have the habit of petty corruption, but with the improvement of people’s living standards, the value of small cheap also increased. Therefore, the promotion of prizes in the festival must be strictly set, the rich and the value of prizes can also show the overall competitiveness of enterprises. Prizes can be set up to grasp the recent popular objects can be virtual items, can also be kind, but must be able to make people have the desire to produce, for example: the recent iphone>