One of the local site promotion tips

some time ago, the site is basically turned off, and later decided to do a local station, I do not stand in the station to find a breakthrough. Just want to lay down their thoughts. A5 there are a lot of local stations to promote the operation of the article, it is recommended to watch selectively, now the majority of the Internet soft text, a lot of content is not necessarily suitable for you. The article has influenced your thinking. In short, the local site has a certain degree of difficulty.

said the following a trick. For example, there are many news portals, local news. Tencent Guangzhou news. Tencent last night released the Sichuan H1N1 news, and then QQ has a message window, I went to see the article in a few minutes. The comment is over. Besides, CNBETA should know a lot of webmaster, a lot of people are to see the comments. If you can be in a place where each of the local news articles with a comment on the website tour. (Tianya and mop love this stuff). See a lot of local news is the target user of your website. Although there is no comment on the site, but you will attract users to search the characteristics of the screen. If you insist on doing a day, second days to see statistics, you will find your site name as a keyword antecedents will increase. How much growth, look at the RP. Although the effect is not very powerful, but every day to browse the local news or find the contents of the time, with a comment or not to waste a lot of time. If the major portals have your local news, you can try.

well, this method is just what I suddenly thought of, I do a simple test, it may be improved for better results. Something. Don’t scold me. Thank you!