Relevant experience of the site

I was born in the last century in the early 60s, is going on 50. I majored in Marxist philosophy, the knowledge of computer is limited to use. However, compared with their peers, I also considered relatively early contact with computer people. Remember 96 years spent more than 10 thousand dollars please friends with a 486 or 586 machine, starting from window3.2. Guizhou was also not over the Internet, I was in Beijing yinghaiwei opened a dial-up account, dial Internet.97 from Guizhou to Beijing to work, for the computer, the Internet is more convenient, in addition to the Internet to watch the news, find some more data. Time to indulge in Shenzhen " very men and women " chat room busy bubble MM, can be said to be a chat chat master. Enthusiasm over, began to contact the BBS forum, a middle-aged people exchanges forum, then photography and fishing on the altar, most often go to " Middle aged " and " trekking across the country, with " see friends, self driving and taking photos. Is the BBS website faithful member.

05 returned to Guizhou, free, every day can indulge in fishing. Friends in my life without a fishing enthusiast, I often alone in the river lake fishing alone in snow. The well-known " Strait fishing; " I 02 is registered, no Guizhou version but Guizhou Internet Diaoyou also, very hard to find fishing trip fishing. Also a chance, make friends joked, why don’t you do as a fishing forum, not just someone to accompany you fishing? So, friends in his server give me a bit of the plot, help me to apply for the domain name. The website is built. The time is October 25, 2005, " Guizhou forum " (please do not misunderstand, this website does not currently need to flow, do not need IP}

to be honest, I walk away if I is webmaster, is also head of the forum. Technical problems are friends of employees do. I began to do is to love in the post on the website of national fishing fishing friends send text messages, said I want to repost his article, hope to support, but also to the Guizhou active two or three to catch the same message. Fishing friends know Guizhou have their own fishing nets, are very excited, said active support. So, everyone has to catch the first officer (Ban Zhu). When the boy, not a few days, around fishing friends launched dozens. We travel together fishing together eat, drink corruption. A month later we organized the first session of the Guizhou fishing forum fishing competitions, attended more than 20 prizes all in fishing. A few days ago to April 26th, we organized fifth games, participants reached more than and 100, Travel vehicles more than and 30 units, which is also rare in the country.

forum so far, has been unknowingly spent three years, through two and a half years of history