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A new on-line

many webmaster is a group, then the traffic, I’ve always done, but are often sending a few hours, traffic is a few hundred ~ and once you stop mass flow basically will not come (post was deleted), this method is tired and not what effect


and 1000 so tired, rather than to a fight, add, top ~, do wrong, you have a stable source of IP, compared to a lot of large Links are worth a little. They might also get some fame ~ in the forum, publicity better.

of course, to make it on the top is not so easy, and your post or poster. I said my own experience, don’t speak well you don’t scold, I just talk about my opinion.

The object

1 posts to your site and related theme,


this is a very important point, as long as the subject matter, even if it is obvious advertising people will not delete


2 post content to try to get URL and content embedded in a natural

, if it can not be inserted on this article * * * * * * * *, reproduced please specify!

3 the content of posts must be high quality

good things even if it is advertising will not be deleted

4 ziyuzile

N for a vest in the question and answer, the best to set off

slobber war!

for example: (couplet community)

look at the Baidu couplet in one of the essence of the post, cited a lot of couplet related knowledge of the URL, the intention of the ad is obvious, but still add the essence!