Li Na produced female a small footprint to see the brand’s network marketing skills

The early morning of June 3rd

5:19, a famous female tennis player Li Na micro-blog issued "Jiang Shan and I are lovely to Na ions to introduce our Alisa, we are very happy and love her with a small footprint, officially announced the birth of a daughter, coincidentally, this day is the birthday of Nadal and tennis star. From June 4, 2011 Li Na won the French Open in just one day, although micro-blog released in the morning, but still harvest a large number of users of the blessing, but after all the major brands to know the news, did not miss this occasion marketing opportunities, copywriting gods to seize the time with all his skills, staged a network public relations war. Below, music off network public relations for you to resolve these brands of network public relations skills.


Dongfeng Citroen Elysee

a phrase with a double meaning

Li Na is the woman named Alisa, Dongfeng Citroen fully tap the marketing point into the brand models Elysee, one of a family of three traveling together with the text, some more pictures of family reasons to love (A), (LI) to (SA), as everyone knows, Li Na produced female after the change for a family of three, then the combination of Li Na’s daughter’s name and brand, to create a family atmosphere, is a successful internet marketing occasion.


beauty: your life is a grand slam

appliance brand beauty comes in, the United States will be Li Na micro-blog red footprints as background, with the text "Alisa Na, these years, the most beautiful achievement" although Li Na retired, but the tennis occupation career achievement is brilliant, "Asia’s first Grand Slam singles winner, the Asian women’s singles world the highest ranked player" confirms the glorious history of her occupation career, the beauty of "the most beautiful" as the retired tennis legend will pay tribute at the same time, also hinted at their own brand "beauty" has achieved very good for a brand marketing occasion.



again with "tank"

bottle Ashley brand did not miss this great opportunity to network public relations, a filling of milk powder + tennis with the text she wonderful, again with "tank" YA! Alisa ", at the same time to pay tribute to Li Na also highlight their own brand of gold, gold symbolizes the gold medal, YA Alisa! Have a brand name Ashley taste, lueco network public relations: Li Nachan female is bound to public attention, and maternal and child class at this time with the hot brand marketing is a very good opportunity," heaven, earth and man "of the three point has a very good foundation.


now, taking advantage of the marketing has become an important means for many enterprises in the network of public relations, said: happy guest network public relations marketing occasion most >