Burn $10 billion after the 14 companies summed up the 7 tragic lesson

originally, in the search market pattern has generally given situation, to do social search on some church " quixotic adventure, Sina micro-blog’s resources can not fully meet the team and so big hope, so we can only founding team from home.

how entrepreneurship is a close call, how difficult the scenery. Those successful entrepreneurs behind, there are countless failures of foil and bedding. Look at these 17 companies, once they fall behind is also fast, and can bring you to the


it’s a time of success. Successful people often talk about success, and not to mention the bitter setback. For success, the majority of entrepreneurs in droves. In fact, compared to the superior success, for them, down to earth setbacks may be more valuable to learn. And the spotlight following success stories compared to lessons and setbacks of the entrepreneurs and reference value greater.

books and newspapers in the past, brilliant story, there is too much text to theory about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in fact, entrepreneurship itself is a tragic history.

we saw that the successful financing, listing, NASDAQ bell and other bright, do not see is the frustrations and hardships of entrepreneurship entrepreneurship meet along the way.

hotel tonight, love daily and little: blindly copying foreign models

do not ignore the situation down to earth business model is the first problem of the entrepreneurs encounter in the early days when planning.

China’s Internet tide over the past 10 years, Silicon Valley has been a source of inspiration for Chinese entrepreneurs. They are accustomed to using the trend time difference between Silicon Valley and China to replicate the business model of Silicon Valley’s hottest start-ups to china. Copy the expected success at the same time, also need to consider the risks in the Chinese market suffered The climate does not suit one..

in recent years, jump red entrepreneurial companies, whether it is a hotel room tonight leftover hotel special offer, or for short love daily rental tenants, as well as little light blog, all stopped to copy the American model crashed in the The climate does not suit one. another way, had to move on.

tonight hotel special offer early learning is a Hotel Tonight company in america. Hotel Tonight in the United States only 3 hotels in each city, this The Inn Boutique model can ensure that each hotel can get a lot of orders, thereby enhancing the right to speak. Tonight hotel special offer initial stage of development, the same as the method that uses each city to do only a few selected hotels, but the actual effect is a lot of difference.


tonight hotel special model ignores the huge differences between the Chinese and American Hotel market.

Nearly 80%

American hotel chains are brand enjoys popular support, users are more likely to perceive the discount efforts, and in Chinese, economy hotel chain like Home Inns and 7 days market share of less than 20%, the majority of the The Independence Hotel, "