56.com new breakthrough in e-commerce Video Site

, according to industry sources, 56.com will cooperate with the famous e-commerce sites to provide users with video display services, is currently actively operating. If the formation, then this is the following Youku do 3G, video sites and a new business model development.

for a simmering dispute video website, 56 initiatives network recently during the financial crisis of all kinds of video website rare action. The development of the electronic commerce mode of the video website will make the already competitive video industry play the "arms race" again, and it is also an attempt to turn the video website from the traditional eyeball economy to the service platform.

e-commerce can be achieved if the video presentation, regardless of the seller or the buyer will be good, in the three-dimensional display technology still needs high cost period, the effective use of video to provide more comprehensive products to users will undoubtedly enhance the user experience of online shopping.

video site, this cooperation is another manifestation of the core values. Content derived services are common to all Internet media, this service should be more direct, more impact, of course, this also meets the characteristics of video content more intuitive than graphic information. The core content will create a more stable flow, and in this large platform, video sites have the capital to operate a variety of services.

at present, the video site content innovation needs to be improved. A considerable part of the site is still holding the psychological speculation, in addition to the concept of a beautifully packaged, there is no platform of sufficient value. But Youku into 3G, 56 network involved in e-commerce tells us that in the first echelon of the video site, the ability to guide the user to create commercial value. In the future, whether or not the core columns and features of the service will become an important symbol of the video site model differences.

so, the creation of content has become a necessary factor to open profit point. For video website profit model, the effective integration of content and service innovation will quickly open the gap with competitors.

the video site competition has gradually entered the oligopoly stage, which Youku, 56, the potato has formed a situation of tripartite confrontation. This year, a video site survey report issued jointly iResearch consulting and generous show: 09 in the first quarter, the video sharing site still continued growth in the number of areas covered, including Youku, potatoes, 56 great advantages, almost occupy the market share of about 2/3; in addition, Youku video site, the number of monthly coverage rate 17.58%, -0.83%, 56 potato net 9.6%. From the growth point of view, Youku continues to lead, and the 56 is to catch up with the trend of large potatoes.

in today’s competitive stalemate in the first echelon in the capital and technology advantages, rely on content to create differentiated services is the priority among priorities. Whether it is the rapid expansion of 56 Youku, net in the core content and services, or potatoes have hit TV drama, each one has his good points. But to achieve contrarian growth, we should grasp the Internet >