Alibaba after Baidu CN domain registrar

respect the latest news network January 17, 2008 meters, the largest search engine company Baidu online (Nasdaq:BIDU) Company in China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) website for the latest CN domain name registration list, has become the focus of the Alibaba after the concerned.

Baidu was founded in 2000, founded by its current CEO Mr. Robin Li, has been committed to the development and operation of the Chinese search engine service, has launched a web search, music search, image search, news search, blog search nearly 50 kinds of Internet search service. According to sources, Baidu since September 2007 submitted to the CNNIC related applications, in December formally approved. The fundamental purpose for the successful application of Baidu CN domain name registration, industry speculation is likely to be the same with the Alibaba to prepare for their individual application service "Baidu space" and will be on the line of the C2C e-commerce platform application domain name service.

for Baidu online application for CN domain name registrar’s true purpose, respect meter network will continue to follow the report. Also please the majority of users will each guess in the comments of this article, thank you!