Li Guoqing 10 billion of its own brand performance apparel drama

in the field of electricity supplier, clothing, 3C and other categories all rush to fight a price war, the online book store started today, Dangdang also aimed at the clothing business. Since last year launched its own brand "Dangdang Dangdang products" to launch this year flash shopping platform sinks, Dangdang in the clothing category to force.

"at present, apparel profitability has been catching up with books. Our clothing category (revenue) goal is 10 billion." In the view of CEO Li Guoqing, now Dangdang earnings do not schedule, but the point the day and await for it.

instead of allowing customers to choose

online book store started Dangdang is now the first listed electricity supplier, but only books have been unable to meet the long-term development needs of Dangdang, in fact, as early as 2005, Dangdang has begun to gradually expand the product line, now mainly divided into media, department stores, three business platform.

"We will open

year strategic selection, the most important is the profit, even if it is not to make money, to earn next year, to what size to make." Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing south are reporters said. This category of clothing has become the focus, especially on-line in May of this year will also Dangdang tail collection of flash sales business is done fast, on the line after just a week, sales break million, also let Dangdang has been hovering around $4 a share price soared to $9.46 at the close of trading Tuesday.

this, Li Guoqing explained, put aside the book, clothing department stores in the last quarter of the average growth rate of 85%, higher than China’s electricity supplier market. "The first choice of clothing is the profit, from the factory to the hands of consumers, we can to consumers, and money, is indeed a good category."

according to the 2012 annual financial results, Dangdang business department (self plus platform) total turnover reached 1 billion 150 million yuan, the total transaction amount of annual growth rate of 95%, 930 million yuan more than the first book, "Dangdang completed the transition to comprehensive shopping platform." Li Guoqing admitted that, at present, Dangdang clothing profitability has been catching up with books. There is no doubt that next year clothing will exceed the book, while Dangdang clothing category (revenue) target is 10 billion.

According to Li Guoqing

, the clothing search ranking, Dangdang out is not the same as with other websites selling clothing way, clothing category is not in accordance with the simple search to sort and display, "not buy ranking in the front row, or the price is very low in the front row, but in accordance with the brand oriented. In fact, the brand is particularly concerned about what he is next to the brand, if you do not come low grade, he felt to reduce his fan. We and Tmall not only in the high-end positioning is different, we still choose for the customer, not to allow customers to choose."

give up its own brand platform business

self clothing has not done, Li Guoqing revealed that the main reason is the introduction of too early. It is reported that its own brand Dangdang Dangdang excellent product released in May last year, a total of clothing.