Search for the next five years the growth of personal webmaster

, this article is very long, which belongs to the patient’s point of view, the webmaster can see, different scholars have different views, there is no absolute right or wrong, but Comsenz hopes with a webmaster, do the best. ~~~

Discuz! Seventh years

said, from the first time I set up a personal website (called "Superman software studio", is a small software website hotlinking others website ^_^) until now, also for 9 years. In 1998, the Internet for most people, is too strange, and be able to write a little HTML with "HotDog", as today master technicians PHP/MySQL and Linux, can do so you want to customize the site, then the Dreamweaver, Photoshop/Fireworks, Flash software and so on, has become the installed the webmaster essential, there are people called them "the Three Musketeers", if "boast without shame", may be like today’s Discuz, SupeSite, ECShop.

Comsenz and Discuz Chinese! Go with owners over the past 7 years, it was the first seven year itch, webmaster peers, once, until today, but they all have There is not much left., all of Chinese, the development of the Internet, wrote a thick.

may have many users do not understand today, have a nice X-Space function, so rich SupeSite, who helps us to a forum community scene up to (at least yourself) looks like a major site of X-Space, why do a UCenter Home (UCHome).


webmaster users live in the era of information explosion

I think, personal AdSense and a small entrepreneur, the need for more strategic vision, like a person alive, there are things that he actually values, but also his future pursuit of the same thing. Experienced SP when stealing money, advertising alliance (especially ebay/taobao promotion period) surprise, AdSense/cpro era sound later, a new station in the possible reality of income, such as the Insenz community marketing, on the other hand, Comsenz has been with stationmaster together, thinking of the next five years, the webmaster should be how to the real value creation, how to make the website development better, users more love.

communicate with many of our friends and predecessors in the industry, we found some important clues. For the development of a good forum community, there are two points, we may wish to carefully consider:

1 with the increase in users, resulting in increased noise. Often see more and more in the Forum >