Beat Google Amazon expensive to win.Book new top-level domain name

renamed China ( November 12th news, according to foreign media reports, the Amazon Co ( won the title of.Book new top-level domain for the day before, the specific price has not been revealed.


in the.Book auction process, a total of 9 companies jointly bid, including Amazon and Google Corporation. Although the auction price has not been disclosed, but according to Amazon had spent nearly $4 million 600 thousand before taking.Buy, industry insiders speculated that.Book’s rally price may be higher than.Buy.

actually, Amazon had previously applied for registration.Book new top-level domain name, but were rejected. The reason, the industry believes that Private Companies owns such a domain name, will pose a threat to market competition. Some people even believe that Amazon can use the control of these domain names to stifle the book sales and publishing industry competition, and this competition is critical to the future of the U.S. publishing industry." But it can be seen that the success of the application will bring the potential value of the Amazon is huge.

in addition, ARUBA SpA beat Google and Amazon and other companies, access to ownership of.Cloud.