Qi Bo CMS was Microsoft certification hi hi Microsoft WebMatrix platform

Qi Bo CMS was Microsoft certification, hi Deng Microsoft WebMatrix platform


CMS is the original Qi Bo PHP168 V series, since December 1, 2010, it was renamed after it attracted wide media attention, and Qi Bo official team also deliver the goods, soon renamed it has released the official version of Qi Bo CMS V7,

Qi B2B e-commerce system, the local life portal system, etc., to help you better build a website.

pays off, Qi Bo CMS seven or eight years regardless of the weather effect at the webmaster, not only by the majority of owners and media recognition, at the beginning of this year also received the "Microsoft Chinese" recognition, which lasted more than three months,

Qi Bo CMS from Microsoft internal audit and then submitted to the Microsoft headquarters audit, and finally in June 24, 2011 successfully login Microsoft WebMatrix platform!

although we have made a big step forward, but to serve the majority of owners of the road is very long, we will continue to make her contribution to the better service to domestic webmaster


I believe that with all the support we have, we will go further, fly higher!

Microsoft WebMatrix platform Description:


Microsoft Web platform is not only a powerful set of tools, servers and technologies, but also provides a complete ecosystem for the construction and hosting of Web sites, services, and applications.

whether you want to set up your company’s image on the network or the next MySpace, we have to let you go to the success of the product. Microsoft Web platform by the world’s top five hundred companies trust,

millions of people are using the platform, it must be able to fit your needs.

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