Jingdong next week will launch a class balance treasure products coffers

news March 7th, Jingdong today announced the upcoming mall, the product category balance treasure small Treasuries, is expected to Zhou Zheng is open registration, will be the first to launch related products and Harvest Fund, Penghua Fund cooperation.

Jingdong financial capital business unit head Liu Changhong said that the future of Jingdong platform will be in the form of cooperation, excellent sales of other financial institutions to conduct online marketing and promotion.

, according to Liu Changhong, Jingdong’s existing financial services are divided into four sections, namely online banking online, supply chain finance, consumer finance and platform business.

"vault" is a platform based business project. In the future, the type of platform business includes not only the fund business, but also the credit card business, insurance business, as well as some bank financing and personal loans.