ndividual owners to build a critical criticism of the western media false reports of private sites

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang 27 at a regular press conference in Beijing, said the incident in Tibet, Lhasa, the Chinese people to understand the true face of some western media.

on the same day, a reporter asked, now Chinese folk have a website (editor’s note: Anti http://s.anti-cnn.com in English meaning "against") is a special criticism of the foreign media false reports on the incident in Tibet, China to support the site.

in this regard, Qin Gang said that China’s recent emergence of private websites is completely irresponsible people of all walks of life in the western media, in violation of professional ethics of a spontaneous condemnation and criticism. Tibet Lhasa event is like a mirror, reflecting the true face of some people, but also a negative example, let China people recognize some western media claimed objectively and exactly what kind of.