From the intense fighting Festival O2O war, see the arrival of ecological service war

and O2O with vigour and vitality during the national day of the platform promotion war is exactly the same, double 11 "pin" smoke the same battlefield. In the mountains and rivers of the motherland, a promotional sound, Ali, Tencent Department partners are also beginning to calm. This two pronged approach Suning Ali just shouted "Ping Jing battle", Suning full goods than the low Jingdong, backed by Tencent, Jingdong said there will not give up the price advantage, and known to the price war against the United States to Tmall "War Within Three Kingdoms" at the same time, don’t forget to laugh at Jingdong, Suning these enterprises have the face of price war.

compared to Tencent, Ali buddies to play with blood like price fight, where Ctrip has just completed the transaction, investment, cross-border electricity supplier honey bud paramita, and recently low-key on-line positioning in the high-end Baidu MALL Baidu high quality business with you, I quietly watching X do not speak the taste of tear.

in fact, although by constantly made by burning section to maintain the competition has become the industry norm, the cycle of death but a taste of the price war can only let the platform continues to fall into the fight and then burn the burn. Long ago the industry rules and advocating "technology driven" Baidu want to. It is not difficult to understand.

in the view of Liu Kuang, with the consumer price factors continue to decrease, O2O industry is gradually return to rational, in which enterprises how to abandon no gold Diamond cuts diamond., through the layout of the O2O ecosystem, improve service efficiency, upgrade the user experience, is the enterprise to break chips O2O.

those that burn O2O, they are really good


"break the cheap, expensive to lose," sale ", throughout the past, whether traditional holidays, or 317, 517, 618, made out of the festival carnival, the price war is the eternal theme.

about the price war, say something is the value of war based on the strong supply chain, but it is not such a thing, everyone knows this, but hold on to burn boil rivals to get the winning mentality, feel helpless O2O enterprises can only indulge subsidies.

to some extent, on the way to get the user to burn is the most convenient way, but the biggest disadvantage of burn is low stickiness and loyalty, a large amount of capital investment is difficult to see the user conversion rate and enhance user stickiness. Especially in the capital under the cold winter, this year, car wash, take away, travel and other fields of O2O death list is growing.

on the other side, even if there is a huge cash flow of BAT, the need to invest heavily in the field of O2O profit margins have been squeezed to some extent. However, in the face of a slightly embarrassing situation, Baidu’s performance seems to be better.

early in July this year, ahead of the Baidu will focus on mobile Internet incubator Baidu takeaway, the job to help a large number of high quality new business through the "carrier" open to outside investors. For now, this >