The first video small victory with wisdom victory by Germany

first, I’ve never made the first video.

then, the first video does provoke outrage.

moreover, the first video there is a certain fault.

so, the first video in fact, this time apologized, the effect will be better than your excuse ten thousand times. Even a bit of great ingenuity, a little compensation to the grassroots, not a few money, you save this money not the rich, poor little also die. After all, it does appear in public, advertisement is seen and no dogskin plaster, let the owners choose or not choose public on the right. By default, you can choose not to play, I believe the vast majority of the public will still choose to play, but you do not do so.

faced God’s question, the first way is to take the video again excuse, excuse, still trying to establish the outrage in the exemplary conduct and nobility of character.

Yu Shiwei once said such a thing, why can the Japanese MITSUBISHI lift time does not fade, when they received customer complaints, said the elevator is broken, even Aguirre, MITSUBISHI’s approach is to apologize, I’m sorry to bring you inconvenience to the door, still apologize, finally check out the problem, indeed the improper use of customers. This time it is the turn of the customer embarrassed, we think about, as the customer left what impression. Some small enterprises, received a complaint, the first reaction is, impossible! Our products can not be a problem, you must be used improperly, but often this kind of enterprise are the problems appear in their own products, the theory is basically there is no big possibility.

is a classic example. The first video does not understand.

in the face of contradictions, the first video is taken 123 excuse these allegations in the eyes of the public, it is the focus for sophistry, never contradictory, without authorization for webmaster family, everyone in condemning all said understand, practice if there is a problem, whether the disadvantages are of great ingenuity? Opinionated


of course, as a webmaster, scold is no need to complain, and can be removed. As the first video, should be a lesson to summarize, you are facing the grassroots groups, first of all must be on the personality, so that grassroots webmaster convinced. Otherwise lost, not only a part of the webmaster, more importantly, to continue this attitude and doing things, do not do a long time.