Hefei police cracked the case of large network MLM arrested 27 people involved in the case of 280 mi

Xinhua Hefei November 24th news (reporter Bao Xiaojing) reporter from the Hefei public security department was informed that the day before the city police destroyed a name of the network shopping platform under the banner of MLM Gang, arresting 27 suspects.

police, Anhui Thai dream Network Technology Co., Ltd. opened the "Yunmeng life" online shopping platform, which is a new type of sharing economy, to become a partner of the company will be able to share other people shopping commission. The police investigation found that the shopping platform is actually the way to pull the head of marketing, its registered members have more than 28 people, of which more than 3 people called partner (i.e. Powerise MLM), marketing of illegal funds up to 280 million yuan.

police organization police launched raids, 132 of the company’s actual controller Wang Mouwei, and Zheng Moufu, a real one by one control. According to statistics, the amount of funds involved, only tens of millions of dollars for the payment of wages by the operation, publicity and staff of the company, the rest were the top cash after launch out.

currently, Wang Mouwei, a room, such as 27 people on suspicion of organizing and leading MLM crime was Hefei police criminal detention according to law, the case is under further review in the.

public security organs to remind the masses, to improve risk awareness, choice of legitimate investment channels, "don’t be deceived by low risk and high return projects, clearly identify the MLM fraud nature pull the head take Commission", beware of falling into the trap mlm. If found suspected pyramid schemes, please promptly report to the public security organs, industry and Commerce departments.