2010 China August 17th nternet Conference opened in Beijing

by the Ministry of industry and information technology and other ministries guidance, the China Internet association hosted the 2010 China Internet Conference on August 17th at the Beijing International Convention Center Grand opening. The theme of the conference is "service – the value of the network, green – the way of network development".

Hu Qiheng, director of the China Internet association,

, the opening ceremony of the welcome speech. She said that 2010 is continuing to tackle the international financial crisis and maintain steady and rapid economic development, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode is a crucial year for China’s Internet industry usher in a new development opportunity and shows great value and potential for a year.

Chairman Hu pointed out that the rapid growth of the number of Internet users in China, e-commerce development, the rapid expansion of online shopping market, mobile internet terminal and business are increasingly rich, cloud computing, networking and other emerging new economic growth point. The Internet in promoting economic restructuring and development, but also led to the development of the cultural industry, online games, online games and other industries quickly rise to meet the diverse needs of people’s spiritual and cultural needs. She hopes to lead the industry to explore the Internet Conference in promoting the value and role in the national economy; to guide the industry credit system construction, attention to copyright protection and promote the construction of civilized and healthy network culture; through the cross strait economic cooperation framework agreement signed an opportunity to promote the common development of the Internet industry in taiwan.

the Ministry of industry and information technology minister Li Yizhong sent a written speech to the general assembly, said in his speech: the Internet has become an important information infrastructure in our country, playing an increasingly important role in promoting economic development, social progress and the improvement of people’s living standard. As the industry management departments will further implement the Scientific Outlook on Development China, adhere to the characteristics of new road to industrialization, and vigorously promote the integration of informatization and industrialization, accelerate the development and application of the Internet, to better serve economic and social development.

Vice Minister of industry and information technology Xi Guohua pointed out in the opening ceremony keynote report on: after the financial crisis, China’s Internet industry still maintained a strong momentum of development, has the following characteristics: first, Internet users continues to grow, to further expand the scale of the network. As of June this year, the size of China’s Internet users reached 420 million, Internet penetration rate reached 31.8%, the use of mobile Internet users reached a scale of up to 277 million. Two, the steady growth of the scale of the Internet industry. 2009 China Internet market size reached 183 billion 450 million yuan. Three, the Internet to accelerate penetration in various fields, highlighting the role of Internet service support. Four, the Internet to enhance the ability of government administration and public services for the party and the government to contact the people to set up a convenient, smooth, real-time, efficient bridge. Five, the Internet media enhanced, become an important channel for cultural communication. Six, the Internet has become an indispensable part of people’s lives.

minister Xi stressed in his speech, in the key period of China’s economic development, the information technology represented by the Internet with its high permeability leading, and high relevance to economic development push.