Counter registration robot AYH push mini game to verify user identity



users have had this experience, when you register a website account password input error need to log an account, or to comment, purchase electronic tickets, you need to enter a verification code, this code is designed to be very difficult to identify sometimes of odd shape. Although the major sites to do this can prevent the registration of robots, but also attracted some users antipathy.

, a start-up company Are You a Human launched a new mini game authentication mechanism of PlayThru, the mini games for users are very simple, but for the robot intelligence is limited registration problem, thus effectively will register the robot in the door and let the user feel interesting.

, for example, in a mini game: you need to pick out two pictures with tools in the 5 picture and put them in the toolbox. In another example, the user can drag the ingredients of the pizza and put it on the pizza. These games are simple and love, on average, the user to complete a game in the time between 10 seconds to 12 seconds, and the average time to enter the verification code is about 12 seconds. In addition, PlayThru mini game is random and constantly changing, so it is not easy for hackers to capture.

currently, PlayThru can be included with WordPress, Drupal, PHPBB, vBulletin and other platforms to integrate and support a number of current popular code type. Are You a Human this product has been piloted in more than and 200 sites. In the future, Are You Human said it will launch a special brand of the game to ensure that the game is not just playing the role of the robot, but also may play the game brand marketing a.

via BV