This year only one year on the electricity supplier with what challenges Amazon

a business startups will claim to challenge the business tycoon Amazon in the beginning, it is easy to be treated as a joke, was such a "uppity" role.


but this was established in 2014, officially launched operation only 1 years of business, has been the traditional retail giant WAL-MART to $3 billion 300 million ($3 billion in cash plus $300 million acquisition of WAL-MART stock), "challenging" seems to become an instant from Arabian Nights worth deep thinking.

and now many electricity providers emphasize the speed of delivery is different, a lot more price sensitive crowd founder Marc Lore believes the user, these people are willing to sacrifice part of the delivery time in exchange for a lower price.

based on this concept, Jet uses its so-called dynamic real-time pricing algorithm and other means to give users more autonomy in terms of price control, and ultimately achieve ultra-low prices. His "unique" mode, access to a large number of professional investment institutions of all ages, but also in a short period of time with a large number of loyal users.

and the acquisition of WAL-MART, the young electricity supplier to give a greater mission: WAL-MART’s support, Jet may become a true sense of the Amazon’s challenger.

"another ground" business philosophy founder Marc Lore is a successful entrepreneurial experience for entrepreneurs, tired of the early financial industry work experience, Lore founded, a company specializing in the sale of baby diaper products business website, in the successful operation of 6 years after Amazon was $545 million acquisition, the for the first time entrepreneurial success.

in 2014, Lore once again opened his entrepreneurial journey. He and several other founders co founded a company called Jet.Com business website, because before the successful entrepreneurial experience and extensive contacts in the financial industry, the company in the business has not been officially launched, it has been easy to melt into a $80 million A round investors, including NEA, Accel, the famous Silicon Valley venture capital Bain.


named "Jet" ("jet"), but do not electricity supplier flagship delivery fast, but low price, and now many electricity providers emphasized that let users access the purchase of different products in the shortest time, Lore believed that the existence of a large number of users actually the goods delivered are willing to sacrifice time for a lower price, and he founded the Jet.Com is based on this concept, different from other electricity providers, service to this class of more price sensitive users.

in order to allow users to get lower prices of goods, Jet.>