Discussion on the establishment of nternet marketing by local station

as a technical background from marketers, I may have a long way to go, from the maintenance of original technology is now the main marketing planner, I think this is a long process. Marketing itself does not have a specific meaning, the value of marketing is not reflected in what you do, but what you get results, no results of the process is futile. This is a passive to active, to buy or to choose the means of desire can also be said to be the process. On the basis of the existing form of the actual situation and the marketing of all walks of life are manifold, there is no complete marketing system and strategy for the enterprise itself (especially in small scale) effective approaches to mimic the process, the early replication is, frankly this process does not have particularity and conforms to the enterprise itself, after all, imitation never is false. For the first time to enter the network world want to establish a network marketing system for the enterprise, my personal point of view is not just imitate and copy, first of all, the practice of their own decorative enterprise station, said the specific ideas:

– recruiting talent is the key of


network marketing is the principle of results and profitability, any marketing strategies are needed to set, is the main market oriented customer groups, the key is to plan and implement, so the plan into the network marketing companies in the world, to find and build their own network marketing team is the foundation.

focus – leaders need to learn and master

The leader of an enterprise

is shooting board, general small and medium sized enterprise management is relatively simple, the boss as the direct leadership of the situation a lot, so to get involved in network marketing, not only need to find the right talent, leaders have a certain degree of understanding and mastering the basic knowledge of e-commerce, so in marketing the team made a market investigation, result statistics, cost estimating the work as a leader can be roughly clear, as the local decoration enterprises, in addition to network customer market reputation in recent years of network marketing market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, as a leader only with the marketing organization really understand and grasp the competitive market information in order to better and the final decision.

Laosheng talk – build sale website

network marketing is essential to the enterprise marketing website, different from the general enterprise station is marketing enterprise station needs to possess more functions and better user experience, not only need to show complete enterprise information needs with customer needs, have a certain degree of appeal, in order to maximize the conversion of visitors as our target customers, the first to communicate. Initial planning web site do not need to cover too much, can refer to the same type of excellent marketing research industry website, this reference is not imitation, need more into the actual situation of their own enterprises in the premise of realizing the function, realized that the user experience in order to conform to the enterprise products and services itself.

analysis data collection channel traces

enterprise site after the establishment of the most important >