SNS interaction low cost precision marketing

SNS what is it? BBS upgrade version, a simplified version of the blog or friends website enhanced version of the fact that no matter what it is, what role can play is the key. See SNS site, a lot of people think of the forum, blog and the existence of dating sites for many years, and I think he is more like Taobao, pat, online games and other interactive platform. Maybe now SNS is just the exchange of behavior, such as exchange of goods, emotional exchange, etc., but as the front end of the transaction, the dominant business platform in the near future will certainly appear.

simply say that SNS is the line of online integration of interpersonal relationships, thus eliminating communication barriers, so that the human resources unlimited amplification. SNS is only a technical means at first, but now it is not a simple understanding. After the development of online interpersonal relationship, how to gather the same kind of people to produce the exchange behavior is the key factor of whether the SNS website can produce value.


anyone can appear on the SNS website, including the president of the United States

cottage version of FACEBOOK

The rise of foreign

FACEBOOK, has caused a stir, people found out that this website can bring direct benefit or harm to people, which attracted the attention of venture, also brought China imitators. Like the original Baidu, China quickly launched a number of cottage version of the FACEBOOK, making it a strong opponent in China’s journey.

is currently in the domestic development is good happy network, campus network and fly off the net, without exception these three websites are to friends as the main way, but for the people and the main function and the difference between each. Happy network mainly in the face of white-collar crowd, through a variety of plug-ins between white-collar workers to eat, entertainment and emotional behavior. The campus network mainly for college students, mainly college students, here led to many campus love, but love MM’s uncle removed them. For the network’s identity is not figurative, with common hobbies, such as books, movies, eating, like an enhanced version of the forum, but from the exchange behavior point of view, the highest probability of success, after all, Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together.

in addition to these three types of integrated SNS, in China there are purely friends and business as the main site of the job, but is still in the early stages of accumulation of popularity, not a climate. Worthy of attention is the integration of MSN9.0 SNS, YAHOO’s "relationship" is the use of e-mail, word of mouth network, etc. to build into a comprehensive platform for a more substantial resources, but these resources are not fully play value.

The development process of

SNS is a reflection on the nature of the Internet, an important milepost is the development of the Internet, because the communication between people can produce infinite possibilities, and achieve international love in this website also meet the eye everywhere if it is, a big family, it belongs to the whole earth. < >