To close the box in the name of pornographic channels are lazy politics

According to

, "SARFT sent a letter to close Internet TV box video client": in mid June, the State Press and Publication Administration of our network provider for Internet TV license, issued on shut down illegal Internet TV terminal product video software to download the channel letter immediately:

can be seen from the text:


files directly to Zhejiang province and Shanghai city bureau.


files directly close the download channel (channel for the closure of all types of commercial audiovisual client software and website video aggregation software and Internet browser software all of its Internet TV terminal products immediately. Close these channels, which means that the radio and television network and the physical isolation".


is shut down because the software: "with Iqiyi, Sohu video, Youku and other commercial audio-visual client software and television cat, Thai express video, rabbit video and other video aggregation software and Internet browser software without the software, it is no longer a box box.

4, is the reason for the closure of illegal programs: including political harmful, obscene and vulgar bad, piracy, without the approval of the state of foreign film and television drama.

5, once again open the conditions are: such as online harmful programs through its Internet TV integrated platform terminal products into the TV problem can not be effectively resolved, to be held responsible for the main body.

In the

streaming media network in this paper, referred to the No. 181, then No. 181 is going on? This paper, issued on 2011 (three years ago, the triple play the first phase of the pilot process), an excerpt as follows:

Internet TV integration platform can not be linked with the establishment of the public Internet sites, can not be directly on the public Internet content available to users."

Internet TV content service platform can only access to the State Council approved the establishment of Internet TV integration platform, can not access the illegal integration platform. At the same time, content services platform can not be linked with the establishment of the public Internet sites."

Internet TV integrated institutions choose to cooperate Internet TV terminal products, only the only integrated platform to connect Internet TV, the end product may not have other access to the Internet channel, not related to database management system, and network operators are connected."

Internet TV content service, news on demand service is only offered by radio and television broadcasters, TV drama on-demand services and information services can be broadcast by the broadcasters and copyright resources cooperation institutions."

Internet TV integrated Internet TV user management agency shall establish independent certification system, billing, user management, not to cooperate with the transmission network operators to Internet TV business accounting certification."