The six step to create a profitable QQ space (from the media)

in an article on those humble QQ space is how thousand? The article describes a simple QQ space operation mode, but there are still imperfections, this article to improve.

in this year, since the influx of media are numerous, just like countless users flocked to the ranks of individual owners, it can be predicted that 90% of the final result is a waste of youth, white toss.

there are two reasons: first, there is no good planning, follow the trend to enter; the second is a variety of reasons can not stick to it.


himself in the spring wood from the media, also often concerned about trends in the circle of friends, so how much can be made to work out some methods, the law applies not only to the QQ space, in other platforms, as well as this article benefited in every way, these methods are summed up, for everyone to share.

a positioning

positioning is to determine whether the profit, but decided to eat the homely fare can start from the location or table delicacies from land and sea, two directions:

1: positioning according to the target group. Directly attract a particular group, if you want to profit, you must locate a buy from the single group, is not the ordinary Internet users, this group may not, but the consumption ability is higher; if the location of the ordinary Internet users, although we can quickly get a lot of fans, but the consumption ability is not enough, will eventually go on the road to sell traffic, but also face a lot of noise.

In fact, according to

, the core group is the group of their own positioning is to understand, or simply to attract people, but rather laughable.

2, according to their location. This is suitable for products, technology, services, people, if the material can be written, it will be able to attract consumers and peers in the industry. The core is to do a good job specialization, differentiation, specialization, to create a star in this field. Assuming that in the field of beauty and skin care, you should be a beauty expert, or you are a beauty experience, has a wealth of experience, etc.. If you observe carefully, you will find that those big V on micro-blog, basically this routine.

two content

content is a magnet, if the fans are iron. What is the attraction of the content, all the contents of the output to see how much value, and the value is not necessarily the contents of the release of the skills of experience can learn things, but also the author itself. For example, the author is an interesting person, is an interesting person, is a real villain, is a XXX person, fans pay more attention to him because he has some characteristics. It seems that some people every day from the camera, shoot the United States and the United States, but also to attract a lot of fans, fans attention is that she has the beauty of this trait, and this trait can give fans a sense of pleasure.

The direction of the content of

should be determined according to the previous position, if it is based on the positioning of the group