Personal Webmaster do you care about your pay tax

      domestic publishers will face the issue that advertisers will withhold part of tax, tax deductible proportion is in accordance with the ratio of personal income tax. Although many publishers do not want to, but because it is mandatory, there is no other choice.

      however, the publisher you care about your tax withheld really paid


      if the publisher of the advertising alliance of withholding tax without paid which is not only the curse is a liar so simple, it is a violation of the law, if the circumstances are serious if relevant personnel should bear criminal responsibility, but also is likely to jail.

      if you know this, so as to advertising the person in charge of finance, still dare to buckle the publisher of the tax is not paid to


      according to industry sources, most of the current coalition is withholding tax, but almost no one paid, that is to say advertising or advertising alliance financial pocketed the money. We do not have to question the reliability of this statement, saying that this phenomenon is worth all the publishers concerned about.

      publisher to confirm their tax paying by:

      1, to provide tax

advertising alliance

      as long as pay taxes are tax, the taxpayer’s rights, although there are a lot of reasons for advertising alliance, is untenable. The national tax authorities for tax withholding unit provides 2% of the total amount of the reward is to let them do this thing.

      2, to the Inland Revenue Department to inquire

      of course, there are a lot of advertising alliance said their finances than Wen Jiabao busy, no time to provide tax. It does not matter, just tell the publisher is in which the tax bureau to pay, the publisher can use their own ID card to the tax bureau to query.

      3, withholding an excuse to slow full work

      in Shanghai, soon the revenue to the city’s network, if the unit where the publisher has the withholding personal income tax, then any alliance will not pay income tax. May be more complicated tax policy, no matter how to perform, without paying the withholding behavior will be very hard.

      if you have found your tax withholding advertising but.