A Kui Ying Chun Jingdong new executives have poured cold water to the electricity supplier

[in a consulting company in last year’s annual meeting at the forum, Kui Ying Chun gave electronic commerce poured cold water]

Jingdong luxury executive team more than a touch of "crimson" – Jingdong mall insiders, Merrill Lynch’s former investment bank director Kui Ying Chun became Vice President of company. Bank of America Merrill Lynch Investment Banking Department, 6 years of work experience, was widely believed that Jingdong IPO booster.

recently, Kui Ying Chun, the switch has caused once the investment bank colleagues speculated that some people think she is similar in the nature of secretaries of the Jingdong, there is news that she will be appointed Vice President in charge of investor relations.

however, the capital market of the electricity supplier attitude has turned cold and controversy in the Jingdong is still facing three pressures of funds, investors and competitors, the vice president looks so young, can give Jingdong IPO much help


multi Kui Ying Chun

the new Jingdong executive has a beautiful resume.

public information, 2002, Kui Ying Chun, with a good master graduated from the prestigious University of Birmingham Department of political science.

University of Birmingham has been one of the most popular institutions of higher learning in the UK, as one of the UK’s most powerful scientific research, one of the 10 universities, it has nurtured 8 Nobel prize winners and 2 British Prime minister.

graduated from the University of Birmingham in the UK, Kui Ying Chun served as the Canadian Embassy press officer, which he served as moderator in the CCTV English Channel "/BIZ CHINA" in the financial Chinese, one year has interviewed include Mike Porter, Stieglitz, etc. in a few internationally renowned scholars, politicians, entrepreneurs and financial giants. Beautiful appearance, authentic English and generous hosting style, so she quickly became one of CCTV’s popularity.

but the "beautiful female anchor" seems to work and ultimate pursuit is not Kui Ying chun. After 2006, Kui Ying Chun and has decided to serve the UBS and Merrill Lynch Investment bank. For the transformation, she has said publicly, "Merrill’s culture is relaxed, and Liu Erfei (micro-blog) (Merrill Lynch group Chinese District chairman) is very respected banker, he is in the selection of personnel not sticking to formalities, he gave me a lot of space."

said that, in addition to the occupation situation, Kui Ying Chun, most of the time still childish and cute. This mentality is still unabated. For example, in her a few days ago micro-blog, told a former Merrill Lynch director Kui Ying Chun joined Jingdong, leading listed "micro-blog pictures expressed dissatisfaction, commented:" can you give me change for a better picture? This Zhen Zhang is not reliable……"

however, the outside world as well as the evaluation of Kui Ying Chun is a man of great ability to adapt, each to a new environment, a new role, can quickly enter the state. For example, when you first came to Merrill Lynch in 2006