Anchor week sent event view nets

      last week to false news about civilink violation fined has been the object of media attention, but the nets yesterday revealed to ChinaByte news that the reason is due to the new network’s new public relations manager for a hand made. Reporter China IDC ring specially interviewed vice president Zhou anchor nets.

talked about the lessons and experiences of this event, Zhou anchor told reporters: first, I hope to regulate competition, their own thing to do. Two, China Internet is still small, now the Chinese domain size in about 5 million, the space is very large, domain host have just started, the population younger than us in Germany, people’s domain size has grown to 10 million. I hope the industry to focus on the development of the enterprise, while calling for practitioners to purify their own hearts, together to create a healthy and good industry development environment.

For the next

how to deal with the competition and cooperation relationship with the new network, said Zhou anchor disappointed to see things is a process with this development, that every enterprise must run their own track, if not in accordance with their own track to run, that all people are run, and the development of this industry there is no way to continue, with the new network before the network has been a relationship between competition and cooperation, hope that the new network can handle the incident as soon as possible, with the network continue to maintain the relationship between competition, competing allies.

strive to do their own management, while strengthening the management of agents, respect and comply with the relevant norms and regulations. This is the week anchor because of the irregularities of the agents of the hype incident to agents and agents of the management of an appeal. At the same time civilink usually has attached great importance to CNNIC communication between and coordination, together with efforts in strengthening the communication between the agents and the coordination of other agents can also hope to do with service management.

last week said that thanks to the IDC Chinese anchor ring of friends concerned about events, and very sorry, shocked to learn that the situation calls for the majority of Internet work for China Internet do more good deeds to do more work. Do not do something immoral, adverse developments in the industry.

editor’s note: in the press of vice president Mr. Zhou Mao civilink after the interview, restore the spirit of truth principle, the reporter contacted the first time CNNI>