What causes the credibility of e-commerce difficult

e-commerce in China from 1995 to start, has been in the twists and turns of continuous development and progress. Up to now, has reached a relatively mature situation. But with the popularity of e-commerce, there are unscrupulous businesses on the Internet for a variety of fraud or fake behavior. These actions threaten the integrity of e-commerce, but also hinder the development of e-commerce.

what is the reason for the integrity of e-commerce has become a problem we use cases:

third party electronic trading platform for the operator’s regulatory difficulties

April 24th news. A net friend of Liu Le in a year ago on many online shopping, at the end of last year to buy a bag of his mother really to search on Taobao, a company called "Rowland tribe" shop, see an original price of 488 yuan to package, the price spike is only 188 yuan, she carefully read the package, there is a the authority of the Department of Guangdong province quality inspection certificate, and this shop also participated in taobao.com consumer protection plan, that is to say, if there is a problem, taobao.com will affect consumers’ xianhengpeifu.

red Liu Yue after receiving the goods. This is not found in dermis, complaints made to Taobao, taobao.com required her to put the bag back in the store, then the payment, but if the package has been returned to her, and how to prove he buy fake? At this point, the third party trading platform is also very tangled, do not give the store return compensation then, lest someone malicious complaints, damage the interests of the store.

in Taobao, there are a lot of unauthorized brand shop in the sale of some do not know is really fake products. If the rigid requirements of all stores provide product authorization or business license, will be destroyed so many stores, after all, Taobao stores or personal business.

from the end of last year, we have noticed that Taobao also began to ask the store upload authorization for some brands, protection of brand keywords used store product announcements, e-commerce third party e-commerce like Taobao is working hard to build a good faith.

The authenticity of

e-commerce website also depends on the supervision of the host and the Ministry of industry

since 2010 in January, the price of the imitation of the United States to establish the Groupon model since the start of the group buying, China ushered in the unprecedented development of the group. One can imagine, in the context of such a chaotic outbreak, the accident is inevitable.

also in April, a group purchase fancier to see a long time favorite shoes in a group purchase online, the original more than 1 thousand and 200 shoes, group purchase price as long as more than and 300, after she was delighted to buy, expect delivery. Received the shoes, so he loaded mesh tongue, shoe production is very poor, even inside the hair began to fall off, simply can not wear. She then hit the network to buy the phone, asked to resolve, the other said, you can give him a pair of change, this netizen then returned to the shoes, waiting for delivery again, and so on for half a month, there is no news, look at the net >