Stationmaster net broadcast Secret white hat hacker training E rent treasure incident cited concern

introduction: when it comes to hackers, most people will think they are the master of master, but we don’t know what is behind them to pay


1 exclusive survey network Gold: false propaganda alleged pyramid scheme  

, the first time to see pyramid schemes can restart the collapse of the collapse again, this is a comment. Yes, you’re not wrong, MMM restart after the crash.

after a month ago Sina reported MLM scam after MMM MMM collapsed, followed by the MMM platform made announcement that the system will restart with a new set of rules, but the old system of money can slowly cash.

scam tricks one after another, but this is not the last case. After Sina Technology on a series of Internet financial investigation, found a network called MMM and gold is minor compared.

2 E rent treasure incident led to self regulatory organizations concerned about  

China Internet Finance Association (mutual Gold Association) was set up on the eve of the listing, local research work is also synchronized. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter was informed that the recent, to the relevant leaders of the association of mutual gold own team of research teams are on the Internet developed areas of financial research, listen to the views of the industry.

because in the field of business, mutual gold association leaders did not attend the meeting held in Beijing last Friday, the establishment of mutual gold association." January 22nd, a person familiar with the situation told the economic news reporter in twenty-first Century.

, in fact, mutual Gold Association since July 18th last year to build so far, has been the strong support of the ministries, all the way is the ‘green light’ release, or even a case handling. In addition to the high hopes for this, the ‘E rent treasure event’ is also a catalyst." The insider admitted.

3 "white hat hackers" secret training recruits will receive annual salary of more than 200 thousand  

Liu graduated from college, give up the work of the power company, came to the girls when the boys to make the special classes. Half down, Liu Yue can even do push ups more than 50.

few groups can be like hackers, so widely known and mysterious. The rapid development of Internet technology brings change rapidly changes to people’s lives, but behind the obscure complex network in the world, the volatility.

at the crossing of interest, have the same hacking technology, white hat hacker was born, they use their own professional technology, to maintain network security, hackers and XiangShengXiangKe, in the name of justice, shot absolutely ruthless.

January 15th in Chaoyang District Gaobeidian a small courtyard, 12 90 youth, in the first half of the time to come. They are going to major Internet Security