The National Memorial online line in December 13th will launch seven versions

National Memorial online line Nanjing massacre survivor registration starts

yesterday, the Japanese invaders in Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall and jointly organized, in three languages, English and Japanese versions of the National Memorial network ( officially launched, marking the "Nanjing massacre victims national memorial day to commemorate the related activities kicked off. The victims of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial National Series 1 also starting yesterday. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Wang Yanwen attended the relevant activities.

this morning, the party and state leaders will go to the Chinese people’s Anti Japanese War Memorial Hall, a grand commemoration of the 77 anniversary of the outbreak of the war of resistance against japan. Yangzi Evening News reporter Yu Yingjie

National Memorial network of the offering, Shi Zhitong, people like

users can directly to the victims compatriots candles, flowers

yesterday morning, the Nanjing massacre survivor Li Gaoshan, click on the page, the opening of the National Memorial network". The reporter saw, "the design of National Memorial network tone to the blood red, black and white three colors, highlighting the sacrifice country, Shi Zhitong, the people of the willing theme, expressed grief and pay homage to the victims. At present, the network launched in the Japanese version in three languages, according to the different objects, Chinese version is divided into seven Memorial information, overseas Memorial, online memorial, memorial echo, memorial education, knowledge and online memorial Historical Museum plate. English version and the Japanese version is divided into four sections online memorial, memorial information, memorial knowledge, interactive forum etc..

Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum curator Zhu Chengshan introduced as a national memorial day an important basis, memorial design framework and content network regardless of classification, are reflected in the authoritative, real-time, academic, international, knowledge and interaction. The authority, namely by Memorial network construction, the memorial hall is responsible for the content of checks of the victims in Nanjing massacre; that at any time instant, news release, and key news comment; the academic, which collected all kinds in Japanese history of aggression, the Nanjing massacre history as the theme of the speech experts, celebrities, opinion academic works; international, the design content for the global Internet users, both the variety of text version, and according to the different regions to set up a memorial service area, such as Hong Kong and Macao, Southeast Asia, European memorial memorial memorial memorial, Africa; knowledge, which bear the national memorial memorial network itself to popularize the knowledge of function, with a special plate describes what is memorial, memorial etc..

interaction is one of the biggest feature of memorial network." Zhu Chengshan said that the national memorial service network, the most important thing is to pay homage to the function. To this end, in addition to a large number of available for browsing, learning information, the memorial website set up online memorial block, thereby facilitating users to participate in the world to. The block consists of "memorial hall" and "sacrificial" and "Candle Incense flowers trees and other columns, users can directly pay homage to the victims compatriots, candles, flowers and trees, line