Uncover the WeChat marketing dark industry chain fans selling price to read the amount of fraud

London July 25th news: according to "Morning News" reported yesterday, teletext news page WeChat push the public number quietly little change: in order to see the article title of each article to read the number at the end of the article, the article points to the praise. For example, the ride of Tibet, to more than 8 points last night, the public number in July 23rd to push information about poor tour of Southeast Asia, the amount of reading in 5407, the end points like the number 386. Reporter further found that all the historical articles will show these two indicators. However, according to the official confirmed that the Tencent, the number of public reading test and support points praise, only in a small range of tests, when launched, or unknown.

Some analysts believe that

, which means that the original public number of opaque data hidden in the background, may be white in the world, some public numbers may see light die, and a good public number will be better. "Especially in the history of graphic push public number, also will show the amount of reading and points like the number of brush has been read by the amount of data fraud trickster public numbers, may face a crisis of life and death."

Transparent data related to WeChat

public account open, the moment does not cause a fatal blow to WeChat, the third party marketing chain dark but at least the data fraud behavior is a limit.

– "Diablo means a data fraud, the amount of reading by ten times

2014, the most popular Internet marketing circles, WeChat media marketing. Whether traditional or cutting-edge Internet companies manufacturers are scrambling to WeChat in all kinds of public number has invested a lot of money.

public numbers can see open, forward and other data, we feel that the advertising effect is clearly visible." A financial institution advertising staff told reporters. Unfortunately, the advertising effect is indeed visible, but not necessarily accurate — perhaps only Photoshop’s brush.

my public number about 100000 fans, the release of an advertising price over million, that at least have to give the customer the amount of reading in order to account for ten thousand or twenty thousand. But the content more, open several really not so high, in order to fudge advertisers, changed only with PS, PS technology as long as the clearance, almost real." An industry source said.

PS is a pediatrician! "Another kind of technology from the media operators chow for this means he opened his notebook, a contemptuous disregard, on-site demonstration to reporters fraud more advanced methods. Open the browser, call a special function, and then appear in a large string of characters to modify a few, immediately read a volume of only 1201 posts into a 12019, became a reading of the amount of 10. Even more amazing is that the statistical chart given by WeChat’s statistical system is also changing. And no matter how you move to enlarge the browser page, there will be no loopholes.

– "Diablo two means" fans of the price law with

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