Mobile payment provider BOKU $13 million venture capital

June 17th news according to foreign media reports, mobile phone payment business day before Boku announced $13 million in venture capital, and the debut of a new team. Benchmark Capital led the investment, other investment institutions including Index Ventures and Khosla Ventures.BOKU company has also announced the successful acquisition of mobile phone payment industry leading Paymo and Mobillcash companies.

BOKU offers a new payment service for consumers around the world — buying digital and virtual products online via mobile phones. Boku is creating a banking online mobile payment services market.

Mark Britto officially joined the CEO.Mark has 20 years of work experience, in the Amazon, Ingenio and FirstUSA company responsible for management, sales and finance, etc.. BOKU team members were from AT& T Interactive, apple, FICO, Google, PayPal, O2, Bank of America and eBay company, has rich experience in technology and finance.

Benchmark Capital Kevin Harvey Mark said the investment partner and the BOKU team have a good background in payment, mobile phone and Internet, good ability in this fast growing market.

Mark Britto added, "we are excited to Benchmark Capital and Kevin Harvey, Index Venture Danny Rimer Khosla Ventures and David Weiden work together, they are the world’s most imaginative and successful prospective investors. They and their companies have decades of experience in the technical revolution, has invested in eBay, second life, Skype, Tellme and Twitter and other companies".

BOKU’s mobile payment service will allow more than 1 billion 600 million potential users in more than 50 countries to pay for online shopping by clicking the phone button. Based on the rich experience and technical team, the company will provide today’s mobile payment market can not provide any other company’s mobile payment platform.

mobile payment market is growing rapidly, and the market is huge. Dig Bei network to understand that there are about 4 billion mobile phones worldwide, but only 2 billion bank account. A large number of mobile phone users without a credit card or bank account will be one of the main target.

BOKU is headquartered in San Francisco, in Europe, Asia and Latin America has offices.