Dongguan website survival survey the new deal under the Dongguan website fortunately

according to the twenty-sixth CNNIC China Internet development statistics report shows that in the first half of this year, China’s total number of domain names fell by 11 million 210 thousand, the number of sites from January to 3 million 230 thousand down to 2 million 790 thousand. This is since 2006 statistics, the number of Chinese domain names for the first time decline.

according to the Dongguan Association of network culture is expected, the number of small and medium sites in Dongguan every year, the metabolic ratio of 25% to 30% or more, one is the operating pressure, the two is the policy pressure. This year by the impact of the new regulations on the site for the record, many webmasters may be on the card for the record card down.

policy tightening

The old site is from the end of

"(original) many webmaster friends or family identity card registration site, now identified shall be" Kacha "."

in February this year, the Ministry issued "the implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" notice, in accordance with the requirements of taking photos of the station, and the site to review the old rules to end; at the beginning of May, the Ministry has introduced rules for photo provisions, but at that time the Dongguan website has been by the soldiers did not ring still, until the turn of the June and July began to advance.

according to the Dongguan Network Culture Association statistics, at present, there are more than and 500 large and small Dongguan small and medium-sized Web site owners, each site has a number of different owners. Sun Mingming, vice president of the association, 66 web site estimates, many small and medium owners may be planted in this new regulations. According to the old rules, an identity card can only be registered for a website, but many small and medium-sized webmasters do not only have a website. To himself, for example, it has 66 nets, Dongguan bus network and other sites.

"(original) many webmaster with family or friends ID card registration website, now found the registration card and not all" Kacha "webmaster." Sun Mingming said, now the network market in Dongguan is a bit like the last century in 80s of the self-employed, may not regulate the situation also exists, but the government is to raise the threshold of strict regulation, or let the left unchecked, in 90s to become private boss.

in addition, according to the filing status of BBS company, has more than 1 million of the registered capital, there are three college computer professional qualifications of staff at the same time, Sun Mingming boldly predicted that according to this standard, Dongguan more than 80% people do not have the appropriate qualifications, because of the many BBS was forced to shut down automatically. The new regulations are not only more stringent in the access mechanism, the sensitive character of the site is running more stringent monitoring.

Sun Mingming emotion, in fact many grassroots webmaster is in Dongguan, covering more than and 100 areas of every hue, now a sharp tightening of policy to let everyone "pear" (meaning great pressure). People love to open the joke is that, in accordance with this standard, the United States that year started from the garage Google has long been strangled, because the garage can not be used as a regular site business sites.

operating pressure