Groupon into China strategy poaching rival signed an exclusive agreement

January 26th news, a senior Internet practitioners revealed that, after the Groupon intention through the acquisition of domestic group purchase website with China in the plan was shelved, the expansion of foreign customary sanbanfu strategy began. There are buying industry practitioners said that this behavior was the collective resistance of the domestic mainstream buy site.


sources, Groupon strategies are mainly signed, hollowed out competitors core staff, and the business exclusive exclusive agreement, spreading propaganda etc..

January 16th, full network group purchase network to unity cannot be called for domestic infighting, combined with handles network, F group, cool group and other top twenty domestic group purchase websites that served or part-time employees in Groupon, or Groupon hired experienced, the future China enterprise group purchase will never hire,

yesterday, full network CEO Feng Xiaohai said, Groupon and Yahoo, Google Chinese into some strategies when the same year, and the difference is that Yahoo is the 3721 largest flow of mergers and acquisitions, Google is the choice of direct access, and Groupon chooses a joint venture.

at the same time, Feng Xiaohai believes that foreign enterprises to enter the China must respect the local businesses, consumers and China laws, from the current point of view, Groupon and Tencent joint venture plan has not been finalized, but the domestic North, on the broad, deep and other key city recruitment is through a number of headhunting companies in the hotel operation so far, no independent office rental.

asked China group purchase market in the future pattern, Feng Xiaohai said, China market is large enough, the future will not be a dominant situation, Groupon is only a Player domestic group purchase website in the thousands. Feng Xiaohai said: Groupon is really special, he asked all of the executives can speak fluent english.

"from the full perspective, we have prepared enough ammunition and set up nationwide operations team, there are a lot of headhunting company called full staff, but no one left, and the other group purchase network was dug staff or a lot, which shows the full team cohesion is very strong".

on how to carry out in each peer group purchase competitive differentiation, Feng Xiaohai said, compared to the electricity supplier positioning handles network trading platform network group purchase, full emphasis on advertising attribute of its own platform, emphasizes the analysis and mining promotion and consumer data to businesses in the marketing planning.

Feng Xiaohai said the full network in December last year, overall sales of nearly 40 million yuan A round of financing to fund is mainly used for the construction of market promotion, product development and team building, site of call center, the first quarter of 2011 will be completed 500 full network at Call Center. At present, the national races have been expanded to 110 first and second tier city, the total number of employees more than 400 people.