Analysis of micro-blog marketing so many SEOER as the root cause of obsession

if you want to ask, what is the most popular in the current social media, I believe there will be more than 90% of respondents said, "micro-blog". From 2010 to Chinese after micro-blog, the rapid expansion into today’s popular national media in a short span of 2 years. According to the survey, currently only Sina micro-blog has more than 300 million registered users, its market prospects are considerable. Can guess, perhaps in the near future SMS social networking site will be defeated. In addition, although micro-blog as an Internet product, but it is not limited by entertainment, because it is derived from the network marketing so that everyone is ready to. To my friends for example, when they are in the website promotion of micro-blog marketing on the most important position. So, in the end what is the reason for webmasters in the promotion process so trust micro-blog marketing?

micro-blog marketing cost is low, easy to learn, high efficiency

think before do not micro-blog, the webmaster is how to do marketing? Some war long is done in marketing, and some owners are doing marketing, some owners are doing beauty marketing etc.. I was engaged in the SEO industry in 2010, when the development of the site is not very mature, the funds available on their own is also very limited, there is no ability to do advertising. What can be done is to send some ads to advertise their website, but this effect is not very obvious. Summary there are two reasons, one is their own posts basically not be placed on the home page, there will be few people to pay attention to; two is sent to go after the post effect is always some delay, it is difficult to bring the first time in effect, causing the site promotion effect is always slow. But with micro-blog, the war long who basically solve these troubles. Micro-blog has a lot of benefits, the first of its cost is very low, only a "talk" will be completed, can basically do not need to cost; second, in micro-blog’s marketing skills, webmasters need to edit the content of about one hundred words, with the appropriate picture can get promotion effect very good.

micro-blog marketing in the invisible brand awareness can enhance

if we are thread on a celebrity micro-blog, which will greatly increase the amount of attention. If you can grab the sofa, can let countless friends in the first time to see your reply, this effect is not worse than advertising. So, suggest the webmaster in micro-blog marketing, should seize the initiative, to become the sofa to make your website to obtain relatively high exposure. After the website brand is more people know, can lay a foundation for the development of the site after the day.

enhance the user experience, shorten the distance between the webmaster and the user

in many cases, the owners and users do not stand on the same level of thinking. We cannot condemn webmaster’s fault, but should not be blamed on a good platform can make users more close.