The old driver years of experience marketing tactic Shazhao dry cargo type in this.


collection of all the Shazhao marketing tactic, can save you N much patience, let you further away from success. Good marketing financial freedom is not a dream, minutes of things. I don’t have the patience to read the short Hin!



· as the saying goes, life endurance (Patiently Waiting) time, some more successful time.

fuck it, I don’t have patience to endure.

play good marketing enough financial freedom.

· so have recently repeatedly revising "poor" marketing a book, just as people camp less patience, quick success.

fuck ‘poor marketing’, you’re impatient,


this paper thoroughly enough.

Because of this

as "poor" marketing abridged edition of a book, marketing Shazhao everything.

old driver yiyanbuge is racing,

tactic all to you.


kill recruit 1: Marketing break Bureau six

open the situation through marketing, nothing more than six points force:

1, market: About buyers

who is your audience, who is your customer, who is your fan?

why do they buy / pass


how do they get them? /


2, mind: on the buyer’s Association

how do they make you remember

?How did

make them fall in love with you?

how do they get you


how can they share you


3, product: what do you give buyers?

your product, what kind of value to the buyer?

4, value: buyers receive what?

your products, buyers perceive what kind of value?

5, channel: where do you buy


regardless of the line, or online, you have to allow buyers to buy.

6, publicity: where do you love


regardless of the eyeball economy, emotional economy, behavioral economy, you have to let the buyer remember, love, share you.

then regardless of the media, paid media, word of mouth media, you have to let buyers see you.

kill recruit 2: Marketing break Bureau of four sets of

break through the market, how to force from six


access point, wiring, dimensions, other four kinds of routine, sincere to the meat –