Daily topic public comment hungry hungry to take control of the takeaway O2O market

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) May 6th news, food takeaway website hungry today announced the acquisition of $80 million stake in public comments, and reached a depth of cooperation with the public comment. The founding team is still hungry to maintain control of the company, to maintain independent development and plans to market after 3 years.

as hungry as Zhang Xuhao said, as a comprehensive platform for information, public comment has a large number of restaurant resources. Cooperation with public comment, is undoubtedly a good opportunity to intervene in the high-end takeaway market. In the future, our customer price will rise from 30 yuan to $50. Public comment on the flow will also bring help to hungry. Many users will have the habit of high-end restaurants in the public comment on the search, as long as the above plus a takeaway module, we can intervene in the takeaway restaurant business.

hungry it is China’s largest food and beverage O2O platform, founded in April 2009. The main business covers 12 cities nationwide, joined a total of more than 20000 restaurants, in 2012 to complete the online transaction size reached $600 million.


market has become a big market of tens of billions of dollars. According to the survey data, in 2013 the total national food and beverage consumption was 450 billion yuan, according to the annual increase of food and beverage in, the total consumption of food and beverage in the country is expected to reach 700 billion in 2016. Among them, takeaway accounted for 10% of the country’s total food consumption, so by 2016, takeaway market size is expected to reach $70 billion.

in 2014, after the public comment ushered in the Tencent’s "Godfather" in the capital market, have more confidence in the products and services. The public comment before the positive force in the takeaway restaurant reservations, but its arch enemy mission in early 2014 was the first layout, the cooperation of public comments and "hungry" benefit. Electricity supplier industry renowned observers Lu Zhenwang think: now the lack of public comment takeaway short board, and now hungry and Amoy little bit to form the core competition, the need for funding and resources support.

public comment behind Tencent, Amoy little bit behind ali. It’s time to hit the BOSS!


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