Running the WeChat circle of friends, you have mastered these skills

for so many years, China Unicom and China Mobile in the field of instant messaging, and I do not know how many running round, did not expect to be an easy job to do Tencent WeChat beat out; for so many years, Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity providers giant during major holidays began to melee, as everyone knows, major businesses have their sales channels quietly transferred to WeChat, a a micro shop emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain is the best proof, while WeChat circle of friends has become a major business running out of place.

how to share the original mood, happy to share, share the WeChat circle of friends, the promotion, promotion activities, has become the best way to promote the soft, soft silk by spring rain let friends that you accept the publicity, and more interested in your promotional products, the following these skills can help you a helping hand!

, must not direct advertising, write the character color

no one love open circle of friends, see is full screen advertising, so from the perspective of the reader, often publish a straightforward ad friend must be shielded by everyone, if you often publish straightforward ads, may wish to use the online test to test the fans, you have many friends, watching you the release of WeChat.

how to publish your ad is not particularly offensive, it must be written in your soft and fresh and interesting. You can combine your soft and personal colors, such as:

X X April, who find customers shopping, I even blew 15 bottles of beer show, do not burp! As orders over $5W, live performance skills backflip 30, no hands! If orders over 10W yuan, the chest crushed stone, not breathing! If orders over $20W, live performances eat chili Jin, do not blush! If orders over 50W yuan, only 15 live performances eat crabs, do not spit the shell! If orders over $100W, a live performance touch switch for half an hour, not shaking! Shopping June! We use life to tell! In June, our slogan is: would rather play myself to death, to the customer satisfactory…" Of course; you can also write a soft hip-hop, such as "love always buy a iphone4s to the trials of a long journey".

two, an occasion to popular culture, write soft Wen creative

how to write the soft circle of friends creative, fashion trends, an occasion to present a popular language, popular culture is the best method. Such as some time ago Jackie Chan duang~~ duang~~ duang~~ popular words become fashionable for a time in the circle of friends, a website is so publicity in the circle of friends.

"when I first asked me to go to try321 free trial, I refused. The reason is very simple, what on this website? But when I logged on to the website, completely changed my mind, which domestic and foreign cosmetics Goods are available in all varieties. are all free, and, duang~~, the cosmetics trial installation hand!! duang~~, on the other.