Qingdao New Area incubation excellent pioneering project

is an outstanding entrepreneurial projects, in fact, cannot do without the joint efforts of many people, especially in today’s society in the entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurial project selection is one of the key factors that have a good entrepreneurial project is the first step to success.

9 15 afternoon, "Tsinghua University? Qingdao high tech Zone Innovation and entrepreneurship support program" cooperation agreement signing ceremony of Tsinghua University project roadshow in the high-tech zone maxspace held in Bangkok, Qingdao high tech Zone officially signed with Tsinghua University to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship support program, "innovation base" students and "green apple incubator" blue Beckham also inaugurated.

"Tsinghua University? Qingdao high tech Zone Innovation Support Plan" is one of the initiatives of Tsinghua University and Qingdao high tech Zone innovation strategic cooperation, is following the 2014 high-tech zone and the Tsinghua University, Cmi Holdings Ltd Control Branch Chong Qing signed a cooperation agreement, the first half of this year, "Tsinghua Qingdao big data engineering research center was officially launched, the two sides again megamerger.


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